Great news!

You now have

9 months from the 1 of January 2022  to 17th September 2022 

to spread the cost of  your package and pay in instalments.

 Deposit & Payment guidelines.    


Step by step Guideline

Choose your package / Select your accommodation /Contact us or pay online to secure your place with a deposit.



 Secure your space with a minimum £250 deposit


 Divide your remaining total balance by 8 ( the number of months from January/February to September you have left to pay your balance)


Make your monthly payments with the bank details ICC Tours provided you with on your initial payment or via the booking form.


see example below

Martin has chosen the Inclusive package 10-day option.

He has chosen to stay in Villa Loyola based on 2x people sharing.

His total price is £1600

Martin secures his booking with a £250 deposit

Martin's remaining balance (£1600 - £250 )is £1350

1350 divided by 8 (months) is £168.75

Matin's monthly payments are a minimum of £168.75  to be paid by 30 September  2022

**ICC Tours provides Airport transfers for Fully loaded packages and loyalty customers only

*Please note that there is a £5.00 Admin fee.